Purchase one Alpha Tonic 100ml or Alpha Hair 100ml and get one Alpha Cream 50ml for free.

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LE PURE Organic Skin care men's line


First of all, what makes LE PURE so different from the rest? OUR DIFFERENCE

It is no secret that I absolutely adore LE PURE. Not only have my customers amazing results, so do I. For the first time ever, my skin barrier is restored to a point where I don't need products on my skin anymore to have a good comfortable feeling, my skin is perfectly capable of adapting to any situation. Of course I continue to use them every day because I love to take care of myself, but not because my skin feels dry or irritated without products. Also, I actually love feeling the sun on my skin now whereas before, I would feel a stinging uncomfortable feeling when I was exposed to the sun.

It is also no secret that I am not quickly swept of my feet with beautiful marketing and promising slogans. My research for the best products out there is based on common sense:

The ingredients

*the quality of the ingredients

*their origine (note from it's founder Julia: "There is a lot of science and investigation behind each of our products and we also carefully examine and test each raw material to make sure they are not contaminated. To give you an example: it is very difficult to find clay that is not contaminated by lead and other contaminants. We do extensive research and testing to avoid these substances in our raw materials. When you buy ingredients such as clay on the internet or even at local stores, you do not have the same guarantee.")

*the way they are processed to preserve all rejuvenating and restoring plant nutrients

*the quantity (just the perfect amount of each ingredient),

*the brilliant combinations of the chosen ingredients

*the concentrations (the pure stuff)

*made with love, knowledge and passion where no compromises are done

*supporting local farmers and non local farmers that work with integrity, love and passion whom cultivate the best plant/flower/root/essential oil possible

*a fair compensation for the whole chain from farmer to customer

*the philosophy behind the brand and the integrity of its founders

*how my own skin responds, the looks and user friendly level, how they smell, how they feel

*cruelty free - organic - no green chemistry

So all of this added up makes it to be a brand that is incredibly supportive for the skin, our system and by definition an amazing "gracious aging" brand.

This exceptional offer starts on April 1st till the 12th of April 2021.

1 ALPHA TONIC or 1 ALPHA HAIR = 1 ALPHA CREAM (value of 87€) for free.

A great gift for your loved one and you could store it for Father's Day or Birthday!

To benefit this offer, please buy the ALPHA TONIC or ALPHA HAIR, not the CREAM since you get this for free!

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