I wish you a very warm welcome in the new temporary home for HAPPISKIN!

This is most probably as surprising for you as it was for me, but, it couldn’t have happened in a better year than this one.

The building is sold and the new owners will make use of the building themselves. Given the fact that they will renovate as of February on, and that it would be unlogical for me to re-invest in a new location with higher rental cost right now, I decided to invite you in my little “sanctuary”. This is the place where I restore, rest, read, meditate, work, and fully enjoy private space for myself in general. I will soon send you a video of the place!

It is a different setting and also a “homely feel good space”, where one almost instantly unwinds. It is as if you come to my home. Another benefit is free and easy parking in the street and only 3km from the current address. The new official address will be communicated soon.

Given the different setting and possibilities, I will focus on what I do best, and those are the therapeutic facial massages. So no more Beauty Extra’s will be done and full focus will be on wellbeing and Natural Skin Vitalization.

I will continue to work with LE PURE, because not only are they of incredible quality, they are also genuinely organic and it gives me a good feeling to know that, not only it is far more beneficial for my health and skin as I am working with products all day, it is better for your health and skin, and I am supporting passionned organic farmers who have very high standards of quality and preservation of the art & ancient knowledge of working in harmony with the Earth and the elements.

They are made with love from A to Z. And when you buy LE PURE, you are paying for excellent price/quality, something we risk forgetting about in a “consuming throw away look for the cheapest made in China stuff” deals or blinded by Hollywood stars and impressive slogans.

I will still be offering Facial treatments with Dr. Baumann. The adjustments will be made soon on the website. Likami treatments are possible until I run out of products as I will no longer be offering and selling them. It remains a great brand but one has to make clear choices and that’s what I do.

Speaking of which, some great selling out opportunities on my online store at the moment of -20% up to -41% on Fab Brows, Chakra oils and Likami. Please find the UITVERKOOP/ SALES here

I will start as of February on (if allowed) as January will be “the moving of HAPPISKIN and all that comes along with doing so” month. It is possible to make your appointment via the online Scheduling system Please take in to consideration that I still need to make the adjustments on the website. 🙏🏻

I am looking forward to go on this new adventure with you! Some of us go back from the start of HAPPISKIN at my home back then! Which is more than 7 years ago. I of course felt heartfelt pain when I found out, and when I am at HAPPISKIN, I feel it again from time to time. I am grateful for all the support that I get and for the transparency of the way that the new owners communicate with me.

Big changes ahead and with big changes comes growth, something I’ve experienced deeply this year. For now, I wish you a “hygge” Christmas, and a clear, loving and smooth year transition ✨🎄❤️

ps: expect the video from me soon showing the new temporary home for HAPPISKIN

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