How to prepare your skin for the sun and never get burned again!

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Let's go on this journey together. A journey of building up your natural skin protection for the sun, a journey where you get a clear understanding why you get burned and to prevent this from ever happening again. Let's love the sun and cherish the gifts that the sun provides on this wonderful planet.

With our lifestyle of being inside a lot, well dressed and protected from the weather conditions, our skin is not used to sun exposure.

To prepare our skin, we need to start getting outside with short sleeves and pants at the end of the winter, just a minute or two each day and gradually build that up. Not only is this wonderful for our immuunsystem, your skin will become awake and active too.

Once the first warm sun rays come out, beginning of Spring, you need to give your skin the time to adapt. Imagine having your baby outside for the first time, you will never let your baby in those first warm sun rays for half an hour without an umbrella or sunglasses or a little hat.

Your skin is virgin skin after every winter. It takes time to build up its natural protection, meaning, for the melanocytes to start producing melanine, the pigment that colors your skin. The browner you get (in your own skin capacity), the more your skin has worked hard to protect you.

We need the sun, we need the light, the warmth. It makes us feel good and it makes vit D that is vital for several things in the body.

Questions like do I need to use sun protection every day will come up in the next blog on sun & skin.

Thank you for reading me! 🙏🏻

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