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The topics of this month are: Your relationship with the Sun part 2 + a little personal note from myself - Check out my "make-over in progress" thanks to the The Happy Closet 's Style Club + bonus material- In the picture this month: Perfecting Illumination - Where does (W)Holistische" skin care stand for actually? Some comprehension in this Dutch speaking video - Meet the girls: Daisy, Ginger & Camilla - and last but not least, we can re-open!

Your relation to the Sun part 2 - know your skin type

In the March newsletter you could read all about how to optimally prepare your skin for the summer. To refresh your memory you can re-read this post

The next step is to know your skin type and increase your awareness. In essence, it is very simple, the paler your skin, the less of natural protection that you have. This means, that you will need to pay more attention and use common sense to build up your relationship with the sun versus someone who has a Mediterranean or dark skin type.

When we observe nature, we see that plants, herbs, flowers and trees choose the soil/habitat that is most convenient to them, that there are plants, herbs, flowers and trees that cannot develop and grow without the sun and others do better in a more shady environment. It is the same for us humans, a pale skin type will prefer a more shady spot where as a darker skin type will need the sun to feel better. Nature is brilliant, there is a favorite habitat for everyone on this Earth were one feels at their best.

You most probably know your sun skin type for a long time already, but you might never had thought about what that actually means. From the former newsletter, you now know that you were born with a number of melanocytes, these produce melanosomes, the natural sun protection of the body. The more and bigger pigmentation granules, the browner you are. The less, the paler you are.

But regardless of your skin type, we, just like the plants, herbs, flowers, trees and animals, need the sun to live and feel good. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are produced when you are exposed to the sun. The sun is therefore crucial for your existence. When your skin/health is in good balance, your skin can do all that it is supposed to do. Do note that your skin will always do the best it can.

But what with the statement that the sun is so dangerous? Yes, that's what's been told and it is true in a certain context. The sun is as dangerous as our ignorance and inattention. Look, when for instance you are going to grill vegetables in the oven (exposure to the sun), for every vegetable (skin type) you have a certain grill time for them to be super yammie (tanned) to eat. It can happen that you lost track of time or that you had no clue on how long the vegetables should grill (ignorance/ inattentiveness), with burned vegetables (sunburn must be avoided at all cost) as a result. Is the oven the cause or our ignorance and/ or inattentiveness?

I can't emphasize enough on the importance of sunlight for our health, our life quality. Plant some seeds, put a few in the sunlight and a few in the shade and look what happens. The sun stimulates life and that is not different to us, we too have this photosynthesis just like plants, and vitamins and minerals are produced in the sun. The only thing we need is common sense and act as such.

Skin type 1:

  • very pale skin (less production of pigmentation granules and these are also smaller)

  • people with rather red hair or very dark hair with light-colored eyes

  • usually with freckles

  • tan minimally and burn easily

conclusion: when there is a risk of getting burned, it is wise for you to take extra precaution like sunglasses, a hat or a cap, mineral sunscreen, clothes to cover most of your skin. Do take into account that also you need some sunshine on your skin for your wellbeing and health. You can take up sunlight in the morning or after 5pm without sunscreen and with your skin well *nurtured.

*very important to use organic products given the sensitivity of your skin, preferably with LE PURE

Skin type 2:

  • pale skin (less production of pigmentation granules and these are also smaller)

  • usually people with fair blond hair and light-colored eyes

  • tan lightly and burn rapidly

conclusion: the same precautions as skin type 1

Skin type 3:

  • slightly tinted skin

  • usually people with dark blond to brown hair and dark-colored eyes

  • tan easily and only sometimes burn

conclusion: it is fairly easy with your skin type to build up your natural sun protection during the Spring. Do nurture your skin well on a daily bases.

Skin type 4:

  • tinted skin

  • usually people with dark hair and dark eyes and olive skin

  • tan fast and burn minimally

conclusion: in general, you love the sun and it is very natural to you to build up your sun protection.

Skin type 5:

  • light brown skin

  • people with brown to black hair, dark eyes and a tinted skin

  • rarely burn, tolerate the sun well, tan easily

conclusion: your relation with the sun comes naturally

Skin type 6:

  • dark brown to black skin

  • people with black hair, dark skin and dark eyes

  • rarely burn, and all though the skin is already dark, it can tan further

conclusion: just like skin type 5, building up your skin protection is obvious for you although your skin requires extra nutrition.

Next month: when to use which sunscreen

As I mentioned before, as good as any living organism needs sunlight. There is still much that the current scientist don't yet know just how important the sunlight is to us, meaning, no funds are going towards this research up until today. But then again, we feel what the sun does for us, how you feel when the sun shines, when you feel the caress of the sun on your skin, that says it all. So no need for scientific proof although it is a very human thing to want an explanation for everything. According to Anthony William, our thyroid, with her butterfly shape, acts as a solar panel that provides our system with energy. So as an extra tip: load your batteries during the safe sun time along with charging your thyroid. Even if you no longer have a thyroid gland, you still will benefit from this. For more detailed information read Thyroid Healing - Medical Medium from Antony William.

A little personal note here; I've been diving in deep for about 2 1/2 years in the health explanation and vision shared by Anthony William. Combined with years and years of reading, studying, trial and error on health, wellness and nutrition, I have come to an approach and insight that fully resonates with me and provides me with a toolkit to optimize my immunity. It becomes more and more clear to me that all that we can learn, we learn it from observing nature.

The problems we are confronted with these days (chronic diseases, cancer, cardiac problems, etc...) are caused by men (industrialisation, heavy metals, pesticides, mercury, lead, and the list goes on and on..) and not the other way around. It just takes a moment to observe water, knowing that our body contains for about 80% of fluids, it speaks for itself that the cleaner and clearer the water (our blood and lymph), the better the necessary organisms that keep the water clean will thrive. The more polluted and toxic the water (our blood and lymph), the more the damaging organisms will thrive, whom then have the force of majority over the necessary ones who keep the water clean. It has become so obvious, after years and years of my own trial and error, that it can be this simple. It just takes to clear the body from trash, toxins, so that your liver, blood and lymph are clean and stay clean. It does not get any more logical than this.

Have you ever maintained a fishpond? Then you know how important a clean filter is. A fishpond has a filter (our liver), where the water (blood and lymph) is pumped towards the filter, and that clean filtered water is given back to the pond and this goes on non-stop. When the filter (liver) gets to much to deal with (heavy metals, mercury, viruses and I am not talking about corona, pesticides, overdose on adrenaline caused by stress, etcetera) , then it becomes impossible to keep the water clean, no matter how hard it works. A clean well functioning filter is crucial for clear healthy water and the life quality of the fish and good bacteria in the water. This is a vey simplistic example, but it is the essence.

This is no plea to do the same, but it is a message with love and limitless awe for the creation, for our body that will always, without any exception, fight for our health, wellbeing, with the oars it has available.

Thanks to this approach, I really feel a clear shift in my health and vitality. At this moment, my daughter and I are on our 16th gentle cleansing day (no corn products, no gluten, no dairy nor eggs, no rapeseed oil, normally no pork meet but we don't eat meat or fish right now, and then for me no caffeine or alcohol since my daughter doesn't drink either of these) and since day 12 I feel again an important shift and I start to notice little improvement on my skin surface. The strength to do all this comes from being a mother, it is that lionness strength. It is the build up strength from a once helpless and exhausted mom who finally went looking for answers herself, to find out what is wrong with her child. I will not stop now until her body is fully healed and cleaned. Apart from the nutritious aspect, we also practice the "health-bounce" on the Cellerciser multiple times a day to help our blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Comes with it that it is so important with the work that I do to keep my vibration as high as possible so that I stay strong and healthy, that I can enjoy my work and maintain the well known quality, that I can enjoy life to the fullest (for me, being truly present in the moment, with my senses, connected to beauty, to Love, or God, or Light or whatever you want to call it, that is enjoying life. To love and feel loved, to have purpose and that my presence uplifts the life of others and obviously a clean liver and a well functioning immune system) and enjoy motherhood.

In the end, it comes down to have good laughs with your tribe, to belong and to have sufficient rest and exercise and a high quality sleep and a strong doses of common sense that are the best medicines.

As for the information on Medical Medium, I am happy to share this information with you since I am benefiting from it myself. We will continue this approach for a while now. For my daughter, it is the first time she wants to follow my advice and we are rejoicing in the already visible changes (for instance: Eline has lost 3,6kg which is a great start, and can, thanks to the daily bouncing, do for about 20 sit-ups just like that!! To give you an idea, two weeks ago she could not do one sit-up!) and the future transformation this will bring. If you want to follow our story and read more feedback, or you want to say a supportive word to my daughter Eline, do leave a comment below.

Beauty & Style tips

As founding co-member from the Happy Closet's " Style Club" I learn so much about what works for me and what doesn't. This goes from the type of material you choose, the quality, the colors till which shapes work for you and which don't. Every week there is a new post, both educational and inspirational. And this is just a small summary. Now, there is a difference between wearing nice fun clothes and wearing clothes that bring out the absolute best in you. These days there are a lot of nice fun and cool clothes, but to come to a coherent choice of clothes that express "you" is another story. And the Style Club brings me just there. What a journey!

Good news, given the succes of the Style Club, Debbie and Deirdre have decided to open up a second group.

Debbie and Deirdre about the Style Club: The Style Club provides the motivation, support and inspiration needed to create a wardrobe that reflects who you are, what you like, how you live and ultimately makes you look and feel great everyday.

Unlike the founder members group, you don’t need to have worked with The Happy Closet previously to join the next launch of The Style Club. In order to retain a personal service the numbers for this launch will be limited. If you'd like to join a group of like-minded women seeking effortless style please contact Debbie & Deirdre at .

Bonus: This month, I was the guest speaker for the Club's zoom call as their "skincare professional". Many often returning questions came up. So I thought it would be great to share them with my newsletter readers.

the happy closet skin questions
Download PDF • 3.04MB

And then now the practical visual part. When looking at my body shape, you may notice that I have a waist line and rather strong shoulders. Also, my upper body is longer than my lower body and my legs are quit heavily build. Round shapes if you like :-)

In the mean time, these pictures were taken about 5 weeks ago, the round shapes are less round with the detox.

After the visit of Debbie and Deirdre at my house back in 2018, it was a great discovery of my own wardrobe. During that 3 hour visite, I put on all my clothes and learned about "tucking in" the blouse, I learned about my waist being my strongest feature, new combinations with my own clothes, which colors work for me and which not and so on. As seen on the left side picture, I am wearing a supple fabric blouse, that is tucked in, with a nice belt and the sleeves pulled up to bring the attention towards my waist and a mid-high waist slim fit jeans.

On the right side picture, you see that the emphasis is put on my waist. Here, I'm wearing a high-waist slim fit jeans and a large belt, puffed sleeves and even though the fabric is stiffer it works, a V-shape given my long neck and upper-body... and so on. All these details make the differences.

Styling advice from Debbie & Deirdre: Knowing your signature style is really just about knowing the outfit combinations that suit you. Finding your style should be all about celebrating your individuality.

The key to creating a wardrobe that works for you is to know your body shape and the best shapes, cuts, fabrics and styles that flatter you as well as the colours that suit you.

It’s not about buying lots of new clothes, in fact it’s about more thought and less spend around your wardrobe. Knowing what suits you and how you can look great really is half the battle in defining a personal style and wardrobe that simplifies your life.

Next month a new update! Stay tuned.

Perfecting Illumination

Moisturising Foundation 50ml

Deeply nourishing and protecting, it brings out your skin’s natural glow and is a potent anti-ageing treatment.

A goodness-packed foundation of 100% active ingredients that treats lines and wrinkles, refines pores and equilibrates skin sebum.

  • Deeply hydrating and nourishing

  • Provides elasticity and luminosity

  • Treats expression lines and wrinkles

  • No synthetic or modified fats

  • Equilibrates skin sebum

  • Prevents premature aging

Ideal for ALL skin types, especially for dry, oily, sensitive, reactive or acne-prone skin, skin with wrinkles and expression lines, fragile capillaries and pigmentation spots.

Perfecting Illumination comes in multiple colours. HAPPISKIN has the colour Light in stock, given that this is a very passe-partout colour that suits many skintones. I do have test samples of all the colors for you to try them out before buying if you like. Just send me an email for picking up some samples.


A (w)holistische skin approach, what does that mean?

Discover more about my (w)holistic vision in this Dutch speaking video made by Marc from the RLE during the first re-opening in March.

Meet the girls

From left to right: Ginger, Daisy & Camilla

During your next visit at HAPPISKIN you might see the working girls scraping the ground. They are very kind and bring us joy since the beginning of April. In the mean time, the feel at home. And so much so, that they are extending their adventerous discovery of the garden that almost leads to the garden door. This is why I will ask you to be very mindful of closing the garden door behind you. And not to worry, they are afraid of humans so they will not come close to you. Kukelekuuuu....

We're re-opening! As of Monday 26/04/2021

To book your treatment, go to this link . I am looking forward to see you!

Thank you for reading me, it warmes my heart!


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