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HAPPISKIN is re-opening as of Wednesday March the 3th. and this at the temporary new location.

The new address is: Leon Soetemanslaan 1, 3080 Tervuren. You reach "The little house on the prairie" via the garden door. The video follows soon!


The new opening days are Mon - Wed - Fri - Sat. Closed on Tuesday and Thursday.

The adjustments are always aimed to guaranty the best possible quality. This is at his best when there is balans between me-time, motherhood and entrepreneurship. The higher my energy level and "good feels" are, the stronger my heart-coherency, my creativity and strength .

You can choose between a morning or an afternoon appointment. I am so much looking forward to re-connect with you!


One of the changes that the current infrastructure brings along, is the adaptation of the Signature treatment. The hand massage wil be replaced by a rejuvenating and nourishing Beauty-mask, adapted to your skin's needs. The treatment is in its last test-phase, and I am very grateful for my sister to sacrifice herself as the testperson! ;-)

Needless to say that the ingredients used to make your mask are of natural, nutritive origine only.


You will find an added text while making your appointment online, this requires the acceptation of the terms & conditions in order to make your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.


The move was more extensive that I had imagined. The end is near, and all I'm waiting for now is some sunshine to make the video, so that you already get a feel and connection with then new location prior to your appointment.


I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to my Facelift Yoga teacher en mentor. This wise woman has her own Youtube channel now called "Radiant Health Boost". The place where she shares short and efficient Facelift Yoga videos. Do have a look and subscribe to her channel to never miss a video from her.

I have enjoyed many Imagery - Dreamwork sessions with Claudia whom have been crucial in my growth and evolution. Claudia offers one on one sessions to deal with emotions, stress etc. and also Facelift Yoga sessions.

Please contact her via email or via Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp (+32 484 17 57 60)

Claudia has been in the health, wellness & transformational therapy fields for over 20 years. Trained in shiatsu, herbalism, Ayurveda, yoga, dream and imagery work. She is the creator of an award winning luxury Serendip Spa and her own Facelift Yoga protocol.


Of course you can book your Facelift Yoga session at HAPPISKIN too as well as group sessions. Read here all about Facelift Yoga and book your personalized session(s) here with me


Actually, rather the invigorating Beauty Ritual that I love to share with you, the "Steambath Ritual"


step 1: gather the products that you will use. I am using the unique and briljant organic products from


step 2: gently clean your skin with the Detox Deluxe

step 3: apply a bit of True Revelation to softly scrub your skin

The Steambath:

You will need the following:

  1. a semi-sized bowl, preferably in a natural material like ceramic, led-free glass or china. No plastic as it will not like the boiled water!

  2. boiled water

  3. 2 large bath towels

  4. Rosebuds, lavender buds, or any dried flower/herbs to your taste.

  5. maybe a drop of your favorite essential oil

  6. a quite and safe space

Make sure to have a solid surface for your bowl. I personally put a large thick bath towel folded underneath, so that the surface is protected from the heat and to bring the bowl closer to my face, and an additional benefit is to have a lovely support for the arms. Put the flowers in the bowl and gently add the boiled water, not to much, and if you like, add your drop of essential oil now.

Sit down in front of your bowl, bring the bowl as close as possible to your body but keep it at a safe and stable distance. Position your head above the bowl, and place the other bath towel over your head and bowl, so to create a cave. Close your eyes, relax your body and breath. Inhale true the nose, and if you feel like sighing, exhale and release true the mouth.

Stay for about 5 minutes, and be conscious of your posture. Make sure to keep your head comfortably straight, so that you don't create any tension in your neck of back.

After the steambath

Remove the towel after 5' and place the bowl away from you. Now take your Velvet Hydration at hand, and spray it generously on your face, take in all the amazing smells and apply the Midnight Rejuvenation (will be soon in stock again) or the Smoot Addiction. (also soon in stock again)

End this Beauty Ritual eventually with some neckmuscle exersices or start your Facelift yoga exercises, guided by the videos of Claudia. It doesn't get any better.

I hope you enjoyed it! Namaste!

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