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This month's topics:

Your relationship with the Sun - Meet the ladies behind "The Happy Closet" (and look your best) - Learn to make your own Face scrub by Claudia Chantal Zackariya- All about LE PURE men's line: ALPHA TONIC & HAIR (and an amazing offer!) - the parking at the new location - where to go for your Beauty Extra's

Your relationship with the Sun.

Are you ready... to enjoy the Sun fearlessly?

How? Start now, with the first sunny days, by exposing your well nurtured skin for a few minutes a day without sunscreen, increasing the amount of time as we get deeper into Spring time. We've had a taste of Spring a couple of days ago where you can feel the warmth of the sun. It is during days like this that you build up your natural protection wisely. Meaning, as your skin is white (no melanin, no protection), it will burn easily and you want to avoid that at any cost. So start with a few minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen, enjoy and take in the light and energy of the Sun.

Depending on your skin type, you could start to feel a burning sensation already after 3 to 4 minutes. That's your cue, that's when you need to put on clothes to protect, a sunhat, or a mineral sunscreen. For the more Mediterranean skin types, you might feel very comfortable with 20 minutes of Sun exposure (you have more melanocytes by birth, who produce the melanin which gives you your darker skin color and therefor protection). Note: this is to build up your natural sun protection, the genius system of the nature of our body. All of this with the aim of not getting burned, to understand and know your skin, so that you can benefit from the life giving force of the Sun. As we get deeper into Spring time, I will offer more advice on building up moderately.

I will guide you true each month, adding important stuff so that you feel confident in relation to the sun, and that you may enjoy a healthy doses of sunshine on your skin.

The most important thing for you to be aware of for now, is allowing your skin to gradually increase the melanin production without getting burned, thickening your skin, building up that natural protection. It is amazing how our body is created to keep us alive and well. By understanding how we can support our system is key though.


"I met Deirdre and Debbie back in 2018 for the first time and it was a match. I have joined The Style Club and its both inspirational and empowering. It really is a journey, where Debbie and Deirdre are guiding us towards our very own Signature Style."

Please meet Deirdre and Debbie, the founders of THE HAPPY CLOSET.

We are Deirdre Clehane and Debbie Clerkin.

Together we run a Personal Styling Services company called The Happy Closet. Debbie is a stylist and Deirdre is a colour anlayst.

We are both Irish and have been living in Belgium for many years.

We created The Happy Closet because we think that the way you dress should make you feel good about yourself. We help our clients feel confident about how they look by sharing simple, practical styling tips which are both easy to learn and easy to implement.

The Happy Closet is about giving you practical, no-nonsense advice to make getting dressed easier. It’s about understanding how to dress to your advantage in a way that will suit your body, lifestyle and budget. Our advice saves time, money and unwanted stress.

We offer a full range of personal styling services customised to each client’s specific needs – Wardrobe Analysis, Personal Shopping, Capsule Wardrobe Planning and Style Parties.

We also run Personal Styling Workshops where you can learn about what suits you best, how to define your style, while enjoying a great day outJ

In 2021, we launched The Happy Closet Style Club. This is an online membership subscription service made up of a lovely group of like-minded women and is our platform for sharing our top tips and tricks to help members feel confident in their style choices.

We were absolutely delighted when Nathalie joined our Style Club as a founder member, having had the pleasure of working closely with her in the past.

To find out more about us, check out our website;

You can also follow us on Instagram;

or simply give us a call on

0475 85 13 72

Radiant Health Boost - Claudia Chantal Zackariya

This time, Claudia, creator of an award winning luxury Serendip Spa and her own Facelift Yoga protocol, shares her knowledge on making your own Face scrub. Have you always wanted to make your own natural scrub or keen on learning how to make you own Face scrub, then sit back and watch while Claudia takes you true all the steps!

Make sure to subscribe to her channel as she will be sharing lots more with us.

ps: she has just brought out her video on how to make your own moisturizer!

LE PURE men's line



First of all, what makes LE PURE so different from the rest? OUR DIFFERENCE

It is no secret that I absolutely adore LE PURE. Not only have my customers amazing results, so do I. For the first time ever, my skin barrier is restored to a point where I don't need products on my skin anymore to have a good comfortable feeling, my skin is perfectly capable of adapting to any situation. Of course I continue to use them every day because I love to take care of myself, but not because my skin feels dry or irritated without products. Also, I actually love feeling the sun on my skin now whereas before, I would feel a stinging uncomfortable feeling when I was exposed to the sun.

It is also no secret that I am not quickly swept of my feet with beautiful marketing and promising slogans. My research for the best products out there is based on common sense:

The ingredients

*the quality of the ingredients

*their origine (note from it's founder Julia: "There is a lot of science and investigation behind each of our products and we also carefully examine and test each raw material to make sure they are not contaminated. To give you an example: it is very difficult to find clay that is not contaminated by lead and other contaminants. We do extensive research and testing to avoid these substances in our raw materials. When you buy ingredients such as clay on the internet or even at local stores, you do not have the same guarantee.")

*the way they are processed to preserve all rejuvenating and restoring plant nutrients

*the quantity (just the perfect amount of each ingredient),

*the brilliant combinations of the chosen ingredients

*the concentrations (the pure stuff)

*made with love, knowledge and passion where no compromises are done

*supporting local farmers and non local farmers that work with integrity, love and passion whom cultivate the best plant/flower/root/essential oil possible

*a fair compensation for the whole chain from farmer to customer

*the philosophy behind the brand and the integrity of its founders

*how my own skin responds, the looks and user friendly level, how they smell, how they feel

*cruelty free - organic - no green chemistry

So all of this added up makes it to be a brand that is incredibly supportive for the skin, our system and by definition an amazing "gracious aging" brand.


LE PURE's men line (men watch out as we woman are fond of this line too!)


Purifying & Calming Elixir

High-performance plants

A powerful firming pre-biotic treatment that purifies, brightens and balances the skin’s microbiota. It deeply purifies the skin, while the nutrients even out the skin tone and refine the pores.

True antiaging for the skin starts with profound cleansing that does not harm the skin’s protective barrier. The Alpha Tonic on the contrary strengthens and protects the hydrolipidic film.

The formula was originally created for the male line, but due to its extraordinary results for all skin types we have included it in a variety of skin rituals. This vegetable gel eliminates profound toxins and heavy metals from the skin, while acting as an ultra-calming and refreshing lotion.

To be used for:

  • dry skin ( in combination with Sensual Opulence)

  • Couperose (in combination with Sensual Opulence)

  • Rosacea

  • Rosacea with Acne

  • Sensitive skin

  • Acne

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

  • Neurodermatitis

  • Eczema

  • Hyperkeratosis

ps: I also use it when I have a small cut or wound, I found it to have great restoring anti-inflammatory qualities


Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum

High-performance plants

The exceptional combination of the algae Durvillaea Antarctica with Moringa and Lavandula nourishes the hair with highly effective minerals and antioxidants restoring its natural shine and vitality. The zinc of the formula is a fundamental nutrient to revive hair and to prevent hair loss.

The phytoactive nutrients of this formula purify and balance the scalp, which eliminates the need to wash the hair daily.

By exposing the scalp less frequently to the irritating cleaning agents of shampoos, the scalp can regenerate faster and produce stronger, healthier hair.

The serum calms the scalp and restores its natural balance, while repairing the damage caused by excessive use of shampoo. The daily application of this formula preserves the natural hair colour, protects the hair pigments and treats itching. It also reduces the electrical charge and maintains the hair style intact during a longer period of time.

The name of the lavender plant was coined by the Romans who used the plant to wash and purify without the use of soap. The powerful essential oils enables the elimination of excess hair sebum without irritating the scalp with daily soap application. The two variants of Lavandula used for this formula result in a balanced sebum production while stimulating circulation and providing the scalp with more oxygen. Applying the serum with a gentle massage results in improved microcirculation and nutrient supply. The hair regains its natural vitality and brilliance.


Nourishing Face Moisturiser

High-performance plants

A powerful, instantly absorbing cream developed for male skin that calms, nourishes and regenerates the skin from within. The synergistic nutrient combination has an eutrophic effect, which restores the skin’s balance and provides continuous, long lasting hydration.

The macadamia oil together with the plant extracts of lapacho and helichrysum help to maintain the skin’s natural moisture and to activate optimal skin renewal. Each ingredient of this formula plays an essential part to preserving the optimal structure of the skin tissue.

The plant Immortel supports the biosynthesis of proteins, which stimulates the creation of a strong and uniform tissue structure. This extraordinary plant also potentiates the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. Rock rose multiplies the skin benefits of the lapacho extract, which helps to balance skin areas that present irritations from shaving.

A nourishing cream for men and women that penetrates instantly while guaranteeing prolonged hydration. Restructures the tissue and assures optimal skin renovation.

Exceptional offer during the month of March

1 ALPHA TONIC or 1 ALPHA HAIR = 1 ALPHA CREAM (value of 87€) for free as a gift.

I can offer you this thanks to the Spanish Father's Day initiative from LE PURE, internationally exclusively at HAPPISKIN!

A great gift for your loved one and you could store it for Father's Day or Birthday!

To benefit this offer, please buy the ALPHA TONIC or ALPHA HAIR, not the CREAM since you get this for free!


HAPPISKIN is re-opening as of today, March the 3th. and this at the temporary new location.

The new address is: Leon Soetemanslaan 1, 3080 Tervuren. You reach "The little house on the prairie" via the garden door. Check out the video!

Please park either on the private parking if available or on the street, not on the footpath. Thank you.


The new opening days are Mon - Wed - Fri - Sat. Closed on Tuesday and Thursday.

Where to go for your Beauty Extra's?

Please find out here

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