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Rejuvenating techniques rooted in Ancient Practices provides us with powerful tools and knowledge to take great care of ourselves 

Facial Cupping

You  may  have  only  recently  heard  of  Facial  Cupping,  as  it  has  been  growing  in  popularity recently. But Facial Cupping is actually rooted in ancient healing traditions.


Cupping has been part  of  many  Eastern  healing  systems  and  alternative  medicine  for  centuries;  for  example, 

Chinese,  Unani,  Korean,  Tibetan  and  Oriental  traditions  have  all  promoted  its  benefits. 


Cupping  was  originally  called  jiao  fu,  which  means  "animal  horn",  because  in  ancient  times 

people used animal horns as cupping tools.



















































From a Chinese Medicine perspective, all our organs manifest on the face.Any imbalances you have in your body can show on your face.

Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of imbalances in the kidneys.

Pimples on your chin can be a sign of hormonal imbalances, whereas dryness on your cheeks 

could be a sign of digestion issues.


When you do Facial Cupping, you indirectly help to move stagnant energy that can cause skin imbalances.

When you cup in the chin area, you indirectly help to rebalance your hormone level.

When you do Facial Cupping under your eyes, you indirectly help to move stagnant Qi, or energy, in the kidney area.

Facial Cupping can really help you to tackle the root of any skin issue you might have

As it relaxes your facial muscles, it will move any stagnant energy and emotions that are stuck in different organs.

When you do Facial Cupping between your eyebrows, in the liver area, you’ll instantly start to 

feel more peaceful and less irritable, as it will move the energy of the liver, which is the anger, 

impatience and frustration.


Facial Cupping will definitely make your skin brighter, more toned and younger-looking, but it will also relax any tension you hold in your face, improve physical imbalances and release stuck emotions you hold within yourself


Acupressure  is  an alternative  medicine  technique  based  on  the  concept  of life energy that flows throughout meridians, or channels, in the body.  Physical  pressure  (with my fingers)  is  applied  to  acupuncture  points  to  release  any blockages in these meridian. This is deeply relaxing.

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