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Facial Treatments

A facial treatment is special, it’s an Art, a Beauty Ritual.

To touch a face is precious. Touch is the first language we learn and there is nothing more soothing than being touched in a harmonious, respectful and genuine way. It is proven that touch, among other,

stimulates the production of the oxytocine hormone.

This hormone brings about a feeling of happiness, reduces stress, fear and pain. 


All the facial treatments provided at HAPPISKIN are massage treatments,

and therefor by definition therapeutic and skin vitalizing. 

Nathalie has a strong sensing ability when touching your skin. Together with an extensive experience and a range of manual massage techniques, Nathalie will offer you the best possible treatment 

according to your skin condition and your needs. 

*Add on the extra service of Beauty Specials: facial epilations and tinting of the eyebrows 

The treatments


Facial treatment - all facials  (except the  Facial Massage treatments less than one hour) include cleansing of the skin, a tailored massage based on your skin condition and your wishes and all the quality products needed to nurture your skin. 

*all prices are 21% VAT inclusive 

The Academy

As a professional, I am delighted  to empower you with know-how and knowledge on facial massage techniques and facial cupping. Become your own pro and take your beauty in to your own hands, because, what you do on a daily basis is what makes all the difference.

NEW! Facial Cupping treatment 1h

Come and try out this new treatment, click here to learn more about this technique that is rooted in ancient healing traditions. This deeply relaxing treatment not only rejuvenates your skin, it also indirectly supports your organs and is great in releasing any tension that you might hold in the face. 

This treatment consist of a facial massage, followed by the cupping treatment and flows over in a deeply relaxing acupressure point treatment. And as if that was not enough, this treatment is topped off with a little head and ear massage. 

Facial Cupping Treatment: 120 €

Learn to do Facial cupping yourself at home 30 minutes

Get the most from Facial Cupping with the Starter Kit

Buy your cups at HAPPISKIN and learn the customized 6-steps protocol under my guidance to treat yourself at home with full confidence. 

The Starter Kit: the BPA-free Facial cups + the certified organic facial cupping oil  +

learning to do the 6-steps protocol under my guidance: 99€

Forever Young 45 minutes 

Enjoy the amazing benefits of the massage adapted to your needs. During this treatment, the emphasis is on stimulating the energy and blood flow which in turn promotes the production of collagen. This is a rejuvenating treatment. We talk about your wishes and adapt the approach accordingly. Please come with a cleansed skin. The appropriate massage product will be chosen for you. Included in the 45 minutes of the treatment,  are the massage and the before/after talk and the time to enjoy the result by looking in the mirror  

Forever Young treatment: 75 €


Flash treatment 20 minutes

This “Flash “beauty treatment will make any tired looking skin glow again! The result lasts up at least to 2 days. 

Flash treatment: 45 €

Please come with a cleansed skin. The appropriate massage product will be chosen for you. 





Revigorating Facial Treatments

These exquisite facial treatments have a profound effect. They have a transforming and regenerating impact.  They also calm the nervous system which results in a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing. 

Facial Essential Happiness 1h45  “the Signature treatment”  

A treatment like no other. The holistic approach for this facial treatment will leave you with an “awe”.  The restoring power of deep relaxation, thanks to the various massages,  has an enormous benefit to skin rejuvenation. After this treatment, you feel and look rejuvenated, rested and refreshed with beautiful glowing skin. 

Boosting or Soothing massage treatment +  Energetic treatment + head- and ear massage +  transition time: 

  • With  organic products of high quality: 160 €​ 

Natural Face Lifting 1h20 

This intensive skin rejuvenating treatment, is like a “wake-up call” for your skin. The very specifique massage techniques make the skin produce more collagen to tighten and lift the skin. Ideal for when you feel that your skin needs a lift. 

Boosting massage treatment + head massage + lymph drainage + transition time: 

With organic products of high quality: 145 €​​ 

Facial Happiness Express Deluxe 1h15 

A powerful facial treatment that will recharge you, leaving your skin look beautiful. The additional head massage releases tensions and adds to the beneficial result of your facial treatment  

Boosting or Soothing massage treatment + head massage + transition time: 

  • With  organic products of high quality: 139 €

Facial Happiness Express 1h 

A relaxing and uplifting facial treatment. If skin care is your main focus, then this treatment will give you the satisfaction your looking for. 

Boosting or Soothing massage treatment + transition time:  

  • With organic products of high quality: 119 € 

Add-ons with all facial treatments:

  • epilation upperlip 9 €

  • epilation chin 9 €

  • epilation upperlip + chin 15 €

  • epilation eyebrows  10 €

  • shaping of the eyebrows 19 €

  • tinting of the eyebrows  19 €

  • Facial cupping  15 €

  • Facial acupressure 15 €

  • Facial reflexology 15 €


Free Teenager Consultation 

Our Children are Holy and it is with great pleasure that I give advice to Teenagers for free. It can be tricky as parents to advice our children. To see a specialist in the field for advice is usually more validated. So please feel welcome!

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