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"Touch is the first language we learn"

Treatments & Self Care practice

This energetic treatment balances out your energy and brings you exactly what you need.


A feeling of peace, clarity, surrender to life, are just a few of the effects that you can experience. Recommended when:

wanting clarity / feeling confused / mental clutter

feeling tired / sad / overthinking / worried

stressed out / in overdrive

adicted to stimulating substances / problems 

being in victim modus / repeating the same patterns over and over again

and all other symptoms of being out of balance. 

Facial Treatments

Indulge yourself in the world of HAPPISKIN

where having a facial treatment is an unforgettable experience, leaving your skin looking fabulous and your radiant beauty shine.


Facelift Yoga Online

The legend of beauty:

Cosmeos is a mythical Greek goddess whose name means harmony and balance: 

She personifies radiant health that flows from a core of inner peace. 

She does not seek to mask what she is but rather to enhance it and allow her inner beauty to shine.


Your Appointment 

Make your appointment online.

In order to assure you of high quality service, it is of much importance to take great care of myself, living according to my own natural rhythm. In order to do this, I do not work every day.  It is therefore possible that your appointment is not scheduled immediately. When you come to HAPPISKIN, you are my centre of attention. I thank you for your patience and understanding and I am looking forward to welcome you soon.

Please book your appointment online via this link

What to wear, how to pay, and more useful information outlined for you to make  the most of your visit to Happiskin.

Please find Happiskin's etiquette here

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