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Energetic Harmonizing Treatment

1h Energetic Harmonizing treatment - 60 €


All is energy and we are energy. An energetic treatment is generally perceived as calming and soothing, clarifying and vitalising. Strongly recommended during recovery from physical injury or trauma, long-lasting diseases, an overload of stress and when overcoming losses. 


• your general well-being

• helps to stabilize your deed- power by taking action towards the life you love

• helps to ground you, to be present in the moment

• supports the connection to your Heart & Soul, meaning, supports to love yourself unconditionally 

• helps to connect to your Thruth, what resonates with you and set your healthy boundaries 

• gain clarity on your purpose and live "your" life

• helps to use the mind to your benefit

• helps with the feeling of belonging 

Suggestions to support you and get the best out of the treatment

24h prior to your treatment


  • eat little and eat light meals

  • drink purified water on a regular basis

  • go for a walk in nature

  • go to bed at the latest at 21h

  • only read uplifting lecture

  • organise a joyful and fun activity

  • take a break

  • take all of your jewelry of and give them a Cristal-bath

  • tell yourself "I love you!"

  • be kind to yourself 

  • set healthy boundaries 

The following are suggestions to avoid:

  • no consumption of alchohol or drugs

  • no violent movies or series

  • no mainstream news

  • no heavy meals

  • no electrics in your bedroom like phone, iPad etc...

  • pushing yourself to your limits 

  • avoid draining conversations and activities 

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