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Facelift Yoga 

Symmetry - Vitality - Restfulness

What is beauty?


The legend of beauty: Cosmeos is a mythical Greek goddess whose name means harmony and balance:

She personifies radiant health that flows from a core of inner peace.

She does not seek to mask what she is but rather to enhance it and allow her inner beauty to shine.

Classically, there are 3 main characteristics which are generally attributed to beauty: 




Facelift Yoga is a unique combination of exercises that work to build and strengthen the muscles of the face, whilst smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and refining the texture and tone of the skin. Drawing on the background of its Founder "Claudia Chantal Zackariya", it incorporates facial yoga exercises, facial massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and beauty rituals that combined or individually alter the state and condition of the face.

Whereas botox and harsh external treatments work against the integrity of the body, this unique system works to respond to and create a long-lasting, healthy connection between the face, the body, our emotions and our energy.

  1. Facelift Yoga poses

  2.  Facelift massage

  3. Connective tissue release 

  4. Acupressure

  5. Lymphatic Drainage

  6. Beauty best practices & skincare rituals 


Each person is different and each face is a different reflection of that person. By using the mirrors of ourselves and others, we are able to see which parts require more time and attention and how to bring the different aspects of the face into balance. 

Facelift Yoga is a completely natural set of techniques that draw on the teachings of Ancient beauty practices and more modern technologies. It works in harmony with the body, the emotions and energy of an individual. The majority of cosmetics are unable to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, staying instead on the superficial levels of the skin. With Facelift yoga, we are not only able to work the deeper levels of the skin but affect the meridian and nervous systems promoting a better flow of vitality not only in the face but throughout the body.

Facelift Yoga has been found to be very beneficial to people who have been paralyzed, suffer from headaches, migraines, insomnia, grinding of the teeth and stress. 


Through the practice of  facelift yoga, we align ourselves to our own natural rhythm and balance, restoring Symmetry, Vitality and Restfulness











Facelift Yoga Sessions

A course of Facelift Yoga sessions is practiced once per two seasons, 1 session per week during 3 to max. 6 consecutive week (the number of sessions required is directly linked to the age, stress, nutrition, health and sleep)  or a one time session at any time of the year to learn all about Beauty Rituals. 

1h private Facelift Yoga session at HAPPISKIN: 84 €

or book your online Facelift Yoga  ZOOM workshop:  80 €

Group Sessions Facelift Yoga

The power of woman, united, consciously taking the time for themselves true the Art of Beauty Rituals, is special. During this intensive and enriching Facelift Yoga session, you learn how to take care of your skin with amazing, sustainable high-performing organic products as well as a wide combination of exercises under guidance.  A moment you offer yourself and that will not stay unnoticed! Two sessions per year are advised. 

3h group session: 165,00 € per person and per session 


Stay tuned for the next group session 

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