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Energetic Harmonizing Treatment

1h Energetic Harmonizing treatment - donation based

This is a moment of surrender, a safe and comforting cocoon of Divine Love. Where nothing is asked or wanted from you, where you can just be, without any expectation. A moment to connect to your own inner voice and Truth. The intention of showing up for yourself, of becoming still so that you can see,  hear and/or feel your voice, your Truth may take courage. Know that you are always celebrated, loved and supported. 

Nathalie places her hands intuitively on your body. This is a very gentle and supportive treatment where you might become aware of images, colors, tastes, smells and so much more. These can give you the insights to help you on your journey.

This treatment optimizes your energy and brings you exactly what you need. A feeling of peace, clarity,

surrender to life, are just a few of the effects that you can experience.


Recommended when:

• you don't love who you are 

• you don't love your body or some parts of your body

• wanting clarity / feeling confused / mental clutter

• feeling tired / sad / overthinking / worried

• stressed out / in overdrive

• addicted to stimulating substances / problems 

• being in victim modus / repeating the same patterns over and over again

• and all other symptoms of being out of balance. 


• your general well-being

• taking baby steps towards the life you love

• helps to ground you, to be present in the moment

• supports the connection to your Heart & Soul, meaning, supports to love yourself unconditionally 

• helps to connect to your Thruth, what resonates with you and set your healthy boundaries 

• gain clarity on your purpose and live "your" life

• helps to use the mind to your benefit

• ...

Suggestions to support you and get the best out of the treatment

24h prior to your treatment


  • eat little and eat light meals

  • drink purified water on a regular basis

  • go for a walk in nature

  • go to bed at the latest at 21h

  • only read uplifting lecture

  • organise a joyful and fun activity

  • take a break

  • take all of your jewelry of and give them a Cristal-bath

  • tell yourself "I love you!"

  • be kind to yourself 

  • set healthy boundaries 

The following are suggestions to avoid:

  • no consumption of alchohol or drugs

  • no violent movies or series

  • no mainstream news

  • no heavy meals

  • no electrics in your bedroom like phone, iPad etc...

  • pushing yourself to your limits 

  • avoid draining conversations and activities