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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. - Coco Chanel-8.png


Nathalie Otten 
Holistic Facialist & Facelift Yoga Practitioner

A warm welcome to my website, so nice to have you here. As a Holistic Facialist and certified beautician, I have specialized myself in several facial massage techniques. The massages have a strengthening and tonifying impact on your skin and a deep relaxing, invigorating and restoring effect on you as a human being. I also offer an Energetic Balancing treatment.  

HAPPISKIN stands for a loving and caring  approach, based on the wisdom and science of both the East and the West. A sense of  warmth, safety and togetherness is felt from the moment you step true the door . The natural and manual skin vitalizing approach is always based on your skin condition, lifestyle, health and the phase in life where you are in. Did you know that a desired touch stimulates the production of "oxytocine",  a hormone that brings about a feeling of happiness and that reduces stress, fear and pain.

And not to forget, it gives you that irresistible glow!


In order for you to really support your skin, it is important that you understand the difference between your skin type, which is your genetic footprint, and your skin condition. Your skin type can not be altered, but you skin condition can.  How your skin(condition) looks and feels is not merely a result of your daily skincare routine, but  it is in synergy with your health,  your life style, the phase in life where you're in right now and your inner world.


Thanks to the combination of years of Yoga practice, inner work and numerous massage skills, Nathalie has developed the Art of offering  you a tailored massage with immediate results that have a long-lasting effect.

"I strongly believe in  the restoring and healing power of a touch filled with pure presence, of self-care, and the effectiveness of high quality manual massage." 


Come and take your "glow" in your own hands.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at HAPPISKIN. 


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Elinor Van Poyer

Feeling safe, supported, understood, wrapped in love and understanding - at Nathalie's you don't just come for a facial, it is a journey in itself that ends in coming home to a deep sense of peace and wellness - a touch, a recognition to your own "being". Pure bliss! I've had many treatments in my life, but this overwhelms everything.. Dear Nathalie, I am extremely grateful to have found you and sharing this experience is the least I can do. Thank you for your gift! Much love x 

Varinder Khambay

Nathalie just radiates with positive energy. Her signature massage is incredible. I always leave feeling relaxed and my skin looks so good. As I tell her, she has magic hands. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Nathalie. ❤️

Exceptional on every level. Recommend fully. Nathalie is one of those rare finds and her treatments are absolutely wonderful.

Claudia Chantal Zackariya

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