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Nathalie Otten, Holistic Facialist & Facelift Yoga Practitioner

Welcome to "The Happiskin Universe" 

Space, openness, connecting to our own natural rhythm and balance, aligned with the seasons. That's what I wanted to create with the manifestation of HAPPISKIN.

 A place where we can connect with our beauty, our breath, our sensuality and feelings, through the Art of Beauty Rituals. 

Where we learn to understand what our precious skin  really needs to be happy, healthy and beautiful. I did it! I welcome you heartily.


My vision on skincare  is a holistic vision. How our skin looks and feels is not only a result of what we put on our skin and our daily skincare routine, but in synergy with our health,  life style and emotional balance in life. When we are not in tune with our natural rhythm and suppressing emotions,  we get out of balance,  and  that will show in the face and our radiation. 


The combination of years of Yoga practice and numerous massage skills offers you a truly sensorial and wonderful experience,  an opportunity to connect to yourself on deeper levels and staying in tune with your unique balance.

I strongly believe in  the restoring and healing power of a touch filled with pure presence, of self-care, and the effectiveness of high quality manual massage. Come and experience a unique moment, harmonizing your body, heart, your thinking and feeling, with your natural rhythm and balance. 

Wether you come for a facial treatment or a Facelift Yoga session, you will feel and see your skin full of life! People will want to know your beauty secrets.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at Happiskin.