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Facelift Yoga Online

The legend of beauty:

Cosmeos is a mythical Greek goddess whose name means harmony and balance: 

She personifies radiant health that flows from a core of inner peace. 

She does not seek to mask what she is but rather to enhance it and allow her inner beauty to shine.



The products that you put on your skin are of great importance.  After all, you want them to contribute to a radiant skin, your health, the environment and animal friendliness. Therefor, 

 HAPPISKIN chooses for organic, sustainable, active skin care products. A quality of a product distinguishes itself true the composition of the choosen ingredients (INCI), the origin and quality of the ingredients, the way that the ingredients are processed. For your treatment, you can choose between

 Le PureLìkami, or the bionome products from Dr. Baumann. These are not organic but in comparison with what you can buy in the parfumerie, Dr. Baumann offers a far greater price/quality ratio. 

You find all the products at HAPPISKIN in order to continue the best skincare routine at home. As of now you can also buy via the online store. I thank you for your locale support!


Facial Treatments

Indulge yourself in the world of HAPPISKIN

where having a facial treatment is an unforgettable experience, leaving your skin looking fabulous and your radiant beauty shine.



What to wear, how to pay, and more useful information outlined for you to make  the most of your visit to Happiskin.

Please find Happiskin's etiquette here

Beauty Extras

These extras are essential to let your beauty shine. Unwanted facial hair removed where it needs to be removed and well defined, shaped and tinted eyebrows to enhance your expression. Small changes yield big results. 


Your Appointment 

Make your appointment online.

In order to assure you of high quality services, it is of much importance to take great care of myself, living according to my own natural rhythm,  respecting my body. In order to do this, I do not work every day.  It is therefore possible that your appointment is not scheduled immediately. And when you come to happiskin, all attention goes out to you exlusively. I thank you for your patience and understanding and I am looking forward to welcome you soon.

Please mail or call for your appointment with the preferred treatment and any desired Beauty Extras 

Breathe - Restore - Feel

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