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How mindful beauty can restore your health

Bijgewerkt op: 28 feb. 2021

Many books exist already about being mindful, on health and happiness.

Mindful Beauty is all about that and on reaching out to you, inspiring you to start taking those steps on bringing your life to the next level. Mindful Beauty is about adding “Gentle Grateful Awareness” to your daily life routines versus being on automatic pilot. It’s about acceptance and love and doing all you can from where you are right now. From that point, many things are no longer a routine but become little ceremonies and celebrations.

Practicing Mindful Beauty cultivates inner peace by being in the here and now, respectfully treating and caring for your body and by doing that, you start making a mind shift. Every thing becomes more alive and vibrant, you start to feel joy for being alive and grateful for the freedom of choosing your own thoughts and the ability to act accordingly.

Taking action, this is what Mindful Beauty is all about. It’s already great to take care of your body, taking care of your products with Gentle Grateful Awareness, but how does your bathroom look like? Or your whole house for that matter. Have you created a house that supports and uplifts you in every way, do you know exactly what you have and where you can find it? Do you have enough or way to much of many things? Is your house making you feel happy and welcome right now?

Back to your bathroom. Thinking of the function of your bathroom, what does it mean to you? How would you love your bathroom to be like? Take a good look at your bathroom, are you happy with it, is it clean and shiny or messy and dirty? Do you know exactly how many products you have or you don’t have a clue? Are the bottles of your products closed and clean? Is every thing well organized? Your house, your bathroom is there to serve you, it wants to offer you a little haven where you can restore, clean yourself, look at yourself and making your natural beauty shine true. It makes a world of difference if you create an environment that supports your Mindful Beauty practice, it makes a world of difference if you enter a clean and welcoming bathroom versus a dirty and messy bathroom. The function of the bathroom is to get clean and refreshed, so it’s only natural that this place, your bath or shower and your sink is clean, supporting you in every possible way. Making sure the air is refreshed regularly, uplifting your spirit. So it’s only logical that the one space in the house where you clean yourself is spic and span in order to serve you and maintain a good health.

The same goes for the toilet, make sure it’s clean and welcoming. A safe place for letting go of what is no longer of service to you. I invite you to have a good, gentle and grateful look at your house after reading this.

I offer you a little and general reflection regarding your health: the different functions of each room according to your general health. Digestive system: • kitchen: where we prepare food for the family, friends. Imagine as you cook and prepare the food, that it will bring joy, health and happiness to all. You can also thank the whole people - chain that made it possible for you to enjoy the wonderful food on your plate before eating it. • toilet: the place where, once your system took out all it needs, that you let go of what no longer serves you • bathroom: where you clean yourself in every way, physically and energetically. In the morning refreshing to start a new day and calming and soothing in the evening, washing of the day and thanking the day for what it has brought and taught you. Immune system: • bedroom: here you restore your whole being. It should be a safe and pleasant room, welcoming, relaxing and beautiful. Also promoting love and intimacy between loved ones. • kitchen, dining- and living room: digesting system and heart related; where family comes together, where you express yourself, sharing food and communicating with each other. A place of exchange, joy and laughter, tears and comforting, exchanging life with each other. • study / library / TV-room: the brain, digesting; mental exercise, again, be clear on the function of this room, finding the right balance on spending time here, and spending time in the other rooms where family life is promoted. This room should be for quit reading or studying, watching the news or documentaries, a chess game, administration, payments, writing letters or emails. Keep it fresh, clean and inspiring. Stretch out from time to time and take a few deep breaths. • garden: heart and spirit; a place to connect to nature, enjoying the birds and the wind. A garden can be a true sanctuary for you, to restore, get some sunshine and again, a wonderful companion when it comes down to being in the here and now as you smell the outside air, feeling the temperature with your skin, seeing al the beautiful colours... taking it all in. A place for conversation with yourself and others. Becoming quit inside, a stillness where new ideas and creations are born. Blood circulation and water household: • corridors: they should be clear and de-cluttered. A corridor should make you feel welcome. A good flow to go from one room into another is a must. No stagnation and there must be enough light. • garage: again looking at the function of a garage, make sure it remains possible to have access to all your belongings and do not store stuff that you don’t need. No stagnation. • attic and basement: same story, don’t keep stuff you don’t need making sure that there is no stagnation of energy. • bathroom, restroom, walk-in closet, entrance. Again, make sure it’s tidy, welcoming and inspiring. • when water is involved, check if the water is flowing well and that there is no leaking water.

A clean and clear house promotes health and clarity. It improves the quality of your thoughts and therefore, your actions and choices. It lifts the quality of your life to another level and you bet this will reflect on your health and your body posture, the way you feel about yourself, your worth. A clean house equals a clean mind, meaning great quality of thoughts. A clear house, closets and storage equals clarity of mind and heart. With love and gratitude, Nathalie

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